Red FOAD Gift Mug
  Black FOAD Gift Mug   Seeing Red? Say FOAD!   Black Days Bright Future
The best part of waking up is FOAD on your cup! The perfect gift mug for those who like to drink their coffee or tea without interruption. Do Not Disturb! Or very disturbing... Whether you're seeing red or sending black roses, this
message from the USE YOUR WORDS Collection will ne'er
be misinterpreted. "Greetings! Now FOAD."
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A greeting card from The BURNING BRIDGES Collection is
the smart way to say, "good bye!"
I See BrainDead People! Sometimes the best line is a
flatline. Greeting card, notecards, and mug.
When Hearts Are Breaking   Say It With Sewage: Admiration & Respect   You're Invited! From the Say It With Sewage Collezione.   MEN! QoAR Greeting Cards for the Women in Your Life.
Even cynics have their hearts broken. Say, "no one's laughing." Greeting cards from The SAY IT WITH SEWAGE Collezione are a very good thing to have on hand. Be prepared! Some things never change. MEN! And women.

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