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Assistance with both personal and business matters. You can change your life, and I can help change your perspective!

"Performing on command" has never been my strong suit, so although I make myself available as often as possible, I do not follow a set schedule. My "radar" seems to work best after dusk (and I'm presently on EST).

After playing Doctor, Patient & Dispensing Pharmacist, at age three I had what is now called a Near Death Experience. We are all born "psychic," but we are quickly programmed to block or shut down this connection.

"I shall not commit
the fashionable stupidity of
regarding everything I
cannot explain as a fraud."

Carl Jung

I don't believe the NDE "made me psychic," but I do believe it's The Reason attempts (by parents and teachers, as well as by "society" and Authoritah) to deprogram and/or reprogram me have proven epic fails.

Never say these words:
"I do not know this, therefore
it is not true." One must study
to know, know to understand,
and understand to judge.

Chinese Proverb

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